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Intel to unveil a speedier computer chip

SHARE Intel to unveil a speedier computer chip

SANTA CLARA, Calif. — Intel Corp. will unveil faster Pentium III computer chips on Monday, trumping rival Advanced Micro Devices Inc. and regaining the bragging rights over the speediest processor for the first time in months, the company said Friday.

The No. 1 chipmaker will release a 1.13 gigahertz Pentium III that will be the fastest chip available for computers, spokesman Michael Sullivan said. The top Pentium IIIs now run at 1GHz.

The company has found itself playing catch-up since Advanced Micro first introduced an 850 megahertz device in February and then won again at the 1GHz mark a month later. Still, Intel can't make enough of its high-end processors to meet demand, and analysts said the newest chip means the supply of 1GHz chips will improve.

"They'll have bragging rights for a while, but more importantly, maybe they've reached the point where they can make (the 1GHz) available in volume," said Nathan Brookwood of researcher Insight 64.

Santa Clara, California-based Intel originally introduced the 1GHz chips in a limited supply, and Sullivan expects their availability to continue to increase.

Sullivan declined to comment on the price of the new chips. Brookwood estimated that they will cost $990 each when bought in volume. Prices on the 1GHz will drop to $700 to $750 after the new chip's introduction, Brookwood said.

At a speed of 1.13 GHz, 1.13 billion electrical pulses go through the chip every second. The more pulses, the faster a chip can perform tasks in a computer.

Intel shares fell 7 7/8 to 119 1/8. They've gained 57 percent this year. Advanced Micro rose 3/8 to 69 1/2 and has more than doubled in 2000.