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Proposing in public may help elicit ‘yes’

SHARE Proposing in public may help elicit ‘yes’

Why did Billy Zane propose to Leonor Varela, the title character in TV's "Cleopatra," during a play rehearsal with a bunch of people around?

"I think men like to ask women to marry them in public so it's harder for them to say no," said the stunning Chilean-born beauty in August's Movieline magazine.

Zane is best known for playing the ruthless Cal Hockley in the Oscar-winning "Titanic" and played Marc Antony to Varela's Cleopatra in the 1999 ABC miniseries.

Varela, 27, says she would have accepted Zane's proposal under any circumstances. "I love Billy so much, and I knew right away I wanted to marry him," she said.