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Facility needs aerobics room

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The city of Taylorsville and Salt Lake County are formulating a plan to build a new recreation center along 2700 West next to the existing Taylorsville swimming pool. This facility will be unique in its design, since no fitness/aerobic room is in the proposed plan.

Most county recreation centers have fitness/aerobic rooms individuals can enjoy. Such fitness/aerobic rooms are not only popular with the public but also provide revenue to the facilities in the form of memberships purchased for the use of such amenities.

I question the viability of the proposed Taylorsville facility without a fitness/aerobic room. With most other county recreation centers possessing these amenities, it is doubtful that memberships to the proposed facility will provide sufficient revenue.

Most of the people living in Taylorsville are unaware of the current proposal, as it has not been publicized. I urge the residents of Taylorsville to ask city leaders why the fitness/aerobic components have been left out of the plan.

Now is the time; decisions are being made that will affect the Taylorsville community's future opportunity for an affordable, accessible and economically viable recreation center. Residents need to act promptly if their voices are to be counted at this critical time.

The people of Taylorsville deserve the same health and recreation benefits other citizens in Salt Lake County presently enjoy.

Bev Shelley