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English-Only shuns diversity

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This letter is in regard to the recently petitioned English-Only Initiative. For those of you who signed the petition: Do you honestly think that by banning all

languages except for English from government agencies, that Utah will be a better place to live? I would like to hear the poor logic behind such an idea.

The fact is, English-Only will not solve crime, decrease taxes or increase the standard of living in Utah.

Neither will it prevent Spanish-speaking people from working in Utah restaurants or factories. The law will have no jurisdiction over private industry; and many companies find hard-working, loyal employees from the immigrant population.

People immigrate here because of the abundant opportunities in Utah; they want to learn English, but learning a new language takes several years. This initiative will only accomplish one thing; it will simply prevent honest, taxpaying people from gaining access to needed government services.

It will also prevent the many returned Mormon missionaries out in the workforce from utilizing the language they have learned. We are blessed to have so many bilingual people; why hide this valuable resource under a barrel? There is no need to spend extra money for translators; we already have the resources in place. By giving these people positions in which they can practice their acquired language, we also give those who came here in search of a better lives for their families a fighting chance at success.

We are becoming part of a global economy, whether you like it or not. Personally, I enjoy the increasing diversity of our state; but apparently, English-Only advocates wish to shun the outside world, and want our state to retain its dull homogeny. To them I say; open your mind to the idea that increasing diversity brings positive results.

Laura Burgett