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Statue of Buffalo Bill shows a tender side

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A new, 14-foot-high bronze statue of "Buffalo" Bill Cody reveals a kinder, gentler version of the Wild West legend.

The statue, unveiled this weekend at Buffalo Bill Days, has Cody carrying his young daughter on his shoulders instead of riding a horse or shooting a buffalo.

"It's beautiful," said Amy Rosenbaum, a Golden, Colo., resident. "A lot of people thought Buffalo Bill was a wild character. This tames him down a bit."

Cody is buried on Lookout Mountain overlooking Golden.

The sculptor, Jeff Randolph of Cody, Wyo., said, "I'll have to tell off some of my friends in Cody, because I went up to the top of Lookout Mountain, and now I can see why Buffalo Bill wanted to be buried there; it's beautiful."