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Stunt biker taken to hospital after fall near Deer Valley

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PARK CITY (AP) — As about 400 spectators watched, a mountain biker failed to pull off a planned stunt and instead was thrown off his bike and taken to a hospital.

Josh Bender, a stunt biker from Oregon, jumped roughly 30 feet Sunday off a concrete retaining wall adjacent to Deer Valley Resort.

Bender flew off the wall, cleared a flat 10-foot-wide ledge and then sailed down another 15-foot-high wall — all in one jump.

He landed on his rear tire and his bike's suspension compressed, then bucked him off. He bounced once off the hill and landed in the street below.

When he did not move, he was taken to a hospital and later released with no major injuries, officials said.

"That was the stupidest . . . thing I've ever seen," spectator Safa Scott said. "But I liked it. Out of control."

Police had stopped Bender's earlier attempts at the stunt.

Deer Valley Resort also refused to let him perform the jump on its property. When Bender obtained permission from a landowner near the resort, Deer Valley officials arranged for an ambulance and staff to control the crowd.