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This week in Church history

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100 years ago

The completed Pioneer monument featuring President Brigham Young was unveiled by his granddaughter, Margaret Young, on July 24, 1900, according to the Deseret News edition of that date.

A large crowd attended ceremonies at the location, "at the intersection of East and South Temple streets," the article noted.

Topping the granite and bronze monument was the statue of Brigham Young that had been unveiled three years earlier.

In his remarks, sculptor C.E. Dallin described the additions to the structure: "The 'Indian' represents the early conditions that prevailed in this valley before the advent of the whites, and the 'trapper' represents the first white man that ever penetrated the wilderness. The 'Pioneer' group represents the hardy, indomitable family that first made their home in the wilderness."

President George Q. Cannon of the First Presidency said during the ceremony, "While some people cannot or will not acknowledge that Brigham Young was an inspired man and a prophet of God, all will concede the fact that he was a great man and a strong leader of men."