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Satellite broadcasts

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To extend educational opportunities to more Church members, the Church Educational System and BYU will telecast portions of Campus Education Week, to be held Aug. 15-18, over the Church satellite system. The telecasts can also be seen on KBYU-TV in Utah.

Through the satellite program, Church members who cannot travel to BYU will be able to enjoy Campus Education Week.

The broadcast will also be carried on the BYUTV (DISH Network Channel 9403), DISH Network Channel 462, LDS Radio Network, and the Internet at www.byu.edu/edweek.

During Education Week more than 30,000 people are expected to attend some 1,000 classes on education, religion, marriage, family relations, health, history, genealogy, science, youth interests and other topics.

Following is a schedule of topics and times of the satellite telecast.

E =English F= French S=Spanish

Spanish and French translation via satellite only.

All times MDT.

Tuesday, Aug. 15

6 p.m. The Savior's Teachings on Hope E F S

7 p.m. Standing Up to Worldly Peer Pressure (youth topic) E F S

8 p.m. Covenant Relationships: The Primary Source of Growth and Development E F S

9 p.m. "A Stone Cut without Hands" E F S

Wednesday, Aug. 16

6 p.m. Gospel Power in My Life E F S

7 p.m. This Life Is the Time (youth topic) E F S

8 p.m. Bringing Joy and Peace to Your Family and All Relationships E F S

9 p.m. "He That Hath the Scriptures, Let Him Search Them" E F S

Thursday, Aug. 17

6 p.m. Joseph F. Smith: The Man and His Message E F S

7 p.m. Devotional address E F S

8 p.m. Marriage: Build on "the Rock" E F S

9 p.m. The Book of Mormon in Preparing a People for the Savior's Second Coming E F S

Friday, Aug. 18

6 p.m. Family Mental Health: How to Help Those Who Come from Troubled Families E F S

7 p.m. "Remember How Merciful the Lord Has Been" E F S

8 p.m. When All Else Fails, Love Never Gives Up E F S

9 p.m. "Great Shall Be the Peace of Thy Children" E F S