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Older drivers are responsible

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Hysteria does a lot for a cause. One legislator tried to push through a bill to make the drivers over 70 run to the department for drivers licensing every year to get a renewal and failed. Now that one elderly person, who likely shouldn't have been driving at all, caused a terrible accident that took the life of a child, the cause has been revived.

How many children in Salt Lake City alone have been killed while on their way to or from school by careless drivers in the past year or two? How old were the drivers? Who used the excuse that the sun was in their eyes or some other lame excuse?

There are thousands of drivers over 70 in this state who are safe, responsible drivers, most of whom avoid the freeways and busy streets in the cities because the younger, crazy drivers are out and about.

Any such legislation would be discriminatory and would be very costly to the taxpayers. The agency that handles the licensing is already overcrowded, understaffed, and what would the cost be to handle such a ridiculous overload? That alone would be staggering, not to mention other costs.

Wake up and see what this push for what it is, another chance to get through someone's irrational drive for their pet legislation.

Helen Jensen