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Trashy books found in library

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I have used and appreciated the Salt Lake County Library system many times.

I have also found some highly objectionable material there, easily accessed by anyone, including children. For example, I found what appeared to be an entertaining mystery on the for-sale shelf of the Holladay Branch.

I bought it and found it to be a satire on sexual activity, with plenty of descriptive language. I also noted that it didn't have the usual discard stamp used for books to be sold. I approached a librarian about this, and she was more concerned that I didn't return the book (since it shouldn't have been sold) than the graphic descriptions in it.

Recently, I purchased several books from the county system and perused them to determine if they were fit for my mother. One had a well-contrived plot, but starting on page 70 it had lewd language and graphic descriptions, too. Some of the others were less objectionable but containing ample language traditionally considered objectionable.

I can understand how hard it would be to know the content of all the books on the shelves of the libraries, but if libraries are going to be a positive influence, the books should provide quality reading. Older "children" are especially in need of uplifting material, not trashy stuff within covers commending the contents.

Nancy White

Salt Lake City