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Recycling filled need in city

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The city of South Jordan has always risen above many others in Salt Lake County when it comes to providing recycling services to its residents.

A couple of days ago, more than just what was in our recycling bins was taken from our curbside on collection day. "Does anyone know what happened to the recycling bins?" we asked one another all afternoon and into the evening. Surely they wouldn't have been stolen; who'd want to take off with someone else's recycling bins? And the emptied garbage can was still there at the curb, so where the heck are our bins?

Come to find out, the city of South Jordan canceled its curbside recycling program because the residents weren't using it. What a shame! How hard can it be to throw an empty milk jug or box of laundry detergent into a bin rather than the garbage. Is putting empty soup cans, old cereal boxes and newspaper in a recycling bin expecting too much? It must just be too big of a burden and too much of a hassle to throw that empty diet Coke can in a bin when a garbage can is so much more accessible, so much easier.

Unlike many others living in Salt Lake County, we've been privileged as residents of South Jordan to have recycling made so easy; curbside recycling had been provided for us! We didn't have to haul off our newspaper or other recyclables somewhere ourselves. We had been given that.

And now look what we've done with what we've been given. "To whom much is given," well, I'll let you finish that sentence yourself.

Sam Worthen

South Jordan