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Rock on... touching all the bases

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Summer reruns

So Karl Malone has something to say. Again.

This time it's that he may want to play elsewhere after John Stockton and Jerry Sloan retire; he doesn't want to be part of rebuilding.

What to make of this outburst? Only this: Don't worry about it.

If Malone weren't stirring things up, it wouldn't be summer around here.

Miller time

I don't know if Dennis Miller doing "Monday Night Football" is going to take.

On the one hand, Miller is noted for his dry cynicism, which could go a long way toward changing the tradition of on-air ex-athletes patronizing current athletes.

On the other hand, a considerable part of his audience thinks "The Odyssey" is a video on the Steelers' best years. That segment of the viewing public isn't likely to catch on to Miller's style.

As they say in the commercials, you make the call.

Cos and effect

If the network thinks hiring a comedian is the answer, it missed out.

It should have chosen Cosby.

I still think his monologue on his playing days at Temple is funny.

Diminishing returns

Hulk Hogan is on a TV commercial, pitching a proposed $300 million downtown revitalization plan in Clearwater, Fla.

I'm not saying revitalization is a bad idea.

I'm just not sure you sell it with a guy who has "Thunder in Paradise" on his resume.

Room for conjecture

The firing of coaching legend George Sluga at Bingham High last week underscored the weakness in the system. Did the emotional Sluga do anything terribly wrong?

How would we know? All we do is pay the taxes that pay the schools that employ the coaches. It's a flawed system that allows a principal to fire his coach without any public explanation.

So far, the only truly offensive thing I've seen about Sluga is the golf shirts he wears.

Unkindest cut

Knowing the vociferous Sluga, I figure being fired isn't what's really bothering him.

It's not being able to talk about it.

Miracle network

Did you catch the NBA Draft on TNT last week? Amazing. Incredible. Astounding.

You wonder if the world is coming to an end.

I'm not talking about the Jazz drafting a high school star.

I'm talking about Rick Majerus on TV in a necktie.

Just cause?

Jazz draftee DeShawn Stevenson insists he was attacked last week by jealous rivals. He said they didn't like him getting all the attention at a prep all-star game. Some witnesses, though, say Stevenson initiated the fight.

One thing is for sure: Any number of people would want to pound a 19-year-old who's already driving a Lexus SUV.

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