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AMMAN — A Syrian who tried to hijack a Jordanian jetliner and take it to Germany fired randomly inside the aircraft before security guards shot and killed him, an eyewitness said Thursday. The man also tossed a grenade that wounded 15 passengers.


SAUK — A band of 27 Islamic gunmen who were cornered in Malaysia's dense northern jungles after raiding two military armories surrendered Thursday, ending a tense four-day standoff in which they killed two hostages, government officials said.


PAMPLONA — With the boom of a rocket as their cue, revelers erupted in cheers and dancing Thursday, kicking off one of the world's wildest parties, the San Fermin Festival and the running of the bulls.

Ivory Coast

ABIDJAN — Civilians returned to the streets and stores reopened Thursday as life returned to normal after mutinous soldiers ended a two-day protest that shook Ivory Coast's commercial capital.


BHUBANESHWAR — India set up a team of experts to investigate the death of 10 Royal Bengal tigers in Nandankanan Zoo over a period of 36 hours. The tenth of the endangered big cats died Thursday amid conflicting theories on what was behind the epidemic — a debilitating parasite or the medicines they were administered to tackle it.


HARARE — White farmers offered to sell another 400 farms to President Robert Mugabe's government for its black resettlement program, bringing to 600 the number of farms made available to the government this week.


SUVA — The Fijian capital was plunged into darkness for about five hours when landowners supporting nationalist rebels holding 27 hostages took over an electricity supply station. They also took a number of electricity workers hostage, local media said.


BEIJING — Flooding has killed more than 410 people in the opening weeks of China's annual rainy season and local governments were being warned to prepare for more floods, the official China Daily newspaper reported.

BEIJING — Residents of a township in southern China, angry over a water diversion project, set off a bomb in a tunnel earlier this week, killing six people, the official Xinhua news agency said.


TOKYO — Typhoon Kirogi headed for Japan after killing at least 12 people in the Philippines.


JAKARTA —Hundreds of Muslim fighters attacked a Christian village on Indonesia's troubled Maluku islands Thursday, killing at least four and possibly as many as 30, witnesses said.


LIMA — Congress has cleared high-ranking politicians of responsibility in the alleged conspiracy to forge about 1 million signatures to help register President Alberto Fujimori's candidacy for a third term. But the legislature, controlled by Fujimori supporters, agreed that seven participants, including four whistle-blowers who brought the case to light, were criminally liable.


GUATEMALA CITY — A man shot and killed a security guard, his pregnant wife and three young children after the guard refused to accept a bribe to cover up the theft of two motorcycles, police said.


ALGIERS — Renewed violence has left 29 people, including civilians, police officers and alleged Islamic militants, dead over the past several days, Algerian newspapers reported.

Sri Lanka

COLOMBO — Tamil Tiger rebels said they lost 35 fighters in government commando attacks on northern bases in their worst defeat in three months.