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Fluoridation makes sense

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On a recent visit to our Davis County dentist, I asked him why our children were now experiencing ongoing problems with tooth decay when they had no such problems while living in the Midwest. I was surprised to discover that Davis County does not fluoridate its drinking water.

According to a recent Utah Department of Health study, 20 percent more of Utah's children have tooth decay than the national average. This is a major health concern that just should not exist. The simple and inexpensive solution can be found in a universal program of culinary fluoridation.

As I have discussed this issue with friends and neighbors, I've been surprised at the misinformation that is spread in the name of science.

Consider the following facts:

Fluoridation is the upward adjustment of naturally existing fluoride to one part fluoride to one million parts of water (ppm). Fluoride is currently found in all Davis County water supplies at levels of .05 to .2 ppm.

Communities have been artificially adjusting fluoride levels since 1945. Today 75 percent of all Americans live in communities that fluoridate their water with no adverse affects to those who drink the water.

Water fluoridation has been extensively studied and is recognized to be safe by medical, dental and health organizations. It has been endorsed by most Davis County physicians and dentists and by the Primary Children's Medical Center.

Individual oral fluoride supplements when compared with water fluoridation are found to be costly and unreliable.

It is time for Davis County to ignore the cant of a few well-meaning but misinformed zealots and do the right thing. It is time Davis County children began receiving the health benefits that only fluoridated water can provide.

D. Allen Miller