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Legacy data missed mark

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I won't respond to all of Gary Uresk's recent My View column criticizing actions of the Sierra Club (and I suppose any others) regarding the Legacy Highway. Needless to say, the city of Woods Cross (Mr. Uresk's employer) will be impacted greatly by the Legacy Highway. He refers to transportation planning authorities who agree that transportation has a lower effect on land use and land-use development patterns now than in the past.

While the effect of transportation may have "less influence" than in the past, I'd hardly call it insignificant as he almost seems to imply. I suspect many if not most of those "transportation planning authorities" have very strong, if not exclusive roots, in the highway arena.

I don't know where Mr. Uresk lives, but I suspect he would not be so willing to commute to Woods Cross from say, Payson or Tremonton, as many people do today, were it not for I-15.

Why do we see signs touting Evanston, Wyo., as a place to live? Would you be willing to commute from there if I-80 were gone and we still had the two-lane U.S. 30 from Salt Lake to Evanston? For that matter, not so many people would even commute from Odgen to Salt Lake except "it's only 35 minutes by I-15."

Of course transportation corridors drastically affect land-use development, from the Appian Way to the Erie Canal to the railroads and even interstates — always have and always will.

If he really believes land-use development usually precedes highway development and that UDOT plays a reactive role, why aren't there subdivisions and businesses springing up all over on the west side of Woods Cross?

Thomas Carey