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Race has a third candidate

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As the Libertarian Party candidate for attorney general of Utah, I have been especially interested in your coverage of the Republican primary race for this position. In at least two recent articles about the Republican candidates, it was mentioned that the winner will take on the Democratic candidate, Reed Richards.

There will, in fact, be three candidates on the ballot in the fall, and I am unaware of any poll on which to base assumptions of the relative levels of voter support. It is easy to write off a third-party candidate in any race as irrelevant. And in some cases; that might be accurate.

So far, I haven't raised as much money as any of my opponents. I am, however, actively raising money and campaigning; and I intend to be a factor in the race. Since I have practiced criminal and civil rights law in Utah since 1973, I believe I am as well qualified as any of my opponents.

Since I am on the board of directors of the ACLU of Utah, the present attorney general has labeled me a "left-wing extremist." The governor has blanketly labeled Libertarian Party members as right-wing extremists. However those two points of view are reconciled, I certainly carry a different, and refreshing, point of view into this election.

Hopefully your newspaper will see fit to mention me in connection with the other candidates, in future stories on this race. To do otherwise would be to engage in a form of censorship known as "viewpoint discrimination" in which one viewpoint on a subject is deliberately excluded from the marketplace of ideas. I would hope that a fine newspaper like yours would see the value of open debate between all qualified candidates.

W. Andrew McCullough