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Discussion of drugs needed

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In an effort to curb drug abuse, legislation is now pending in Congress that would affect the ability to talk about drugs on the Internet.

Although it should be obvious that neither the legalization nor decriminalization movements are simply attempting to sell drugs on the Internet — you would think, by the behavior of some of our senators and representatives (even some U.N. officials), that some people actually believe this to be the case.

As a person who is very concerned about drug abuse, yet who has also been active in various drug-reform movements, I can assure you that this is definitely not the case.

The ability for people of this country to discuss differing opinions — as to the treatment and prevention of drug abuse or any other topic — is something that must not be infringed.

In regard to the prevention of drug abuse, it is clear that much of the current approach is certainly not working — and is even leading to more serious societal problems — particularly with mass imprisonment breaking up the family unit.

Nobody claims to have all the answers, yet it is critical that we have the ability to discuss different ideas. Only through this discussion can we come up with a consensus for an appropriate solution.

Eileen Greene

Salt Lake City