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N.Y. lawmaker halts transfer of ship pending extradition

SHARE N.Y. lawmaker halts transfer of ship pending extradition

WASHINGTON (Reuters) — A powerful U.S. congressman said Thursday he had halted the transfer of a ship to the Dominican Republic until the Caribbean nation extradites the accused killer of a New York policeman.

Rep. Benjamin Gilman, the Republican head of the House International Relations Committee whose district is just north of New York City, accused the Dominican Republic of ignoring a long-standing U.S. request for the extradition of Pablo Almonte Lluberes, who is wanted for the 1988 murder of Officer Michael Buczek.

"Mr. Almonte Lluberes is a free man today because he enjoys impunity," Gilman in a statement. "As far as I am concerned, our government should not be transferring this valuable equipment to the Dominican Republic's security forces until such time as it is demonstrated that they will not further tolerate this kind of impunity."