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Police won’t charge girls who lied of rape

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The two girls who lied to police about being abducted and raped in the Avenues Monday will not be charged with filing a false police report, authorities say.

The two 12-year-old girls originally told police they were walking on C Street near Third Avenue about 4 p.m. when a man in a minivan pulled up, showed them a handgun and told them to get in the vehicle.

They said the man took them near 18th Avenue, raped one of them and then dropped them off at the Smith's grocery store, 402 E. 6th Ave.

The girl's later recanted their stories after police told them of the difficulty they were having finding evidence supporting their claims.

"Up until this point they hadn't really done anything wrong," said Salt Lake City sex crimes Sgt. Don Bell.

"I think they would have given it up earlier but it grew into such a huge thing that I don't think they knew how to get out of it. If they'd continued with it we would be screening it."

Bell also said the girls' parents acted properly in notifying police after hearing the girls' stories.

"They were very, very, very surprised and upset when they learned the girls had manufactured this," Bell said.

Apparently the girls were with friends they weren't supposed to be with later than they were supposed to be out, so they made up the story to avoid being in trouble, Bell said.

Filing a false police report is a class B misdemeanor in Utah.