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6 workers injured in chemical spill

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DESERET CHEMICAL DEPOT — Six workers were injured at the Army's Chemical Agent Munitions Disposal System when sulfuric acid spilled Thursday.

The disposal system, which goes by the acronym CAMDS, is separate from the incinerator that destroys chemical weapons. CAMDS, an alternate system for destroying chemical weapons, will use a "solivated electronic technology."

The workers were cleaning an overhead line being prepared for this technology when sulfuric acid spilled from the line, said depot spokesman Jon Pettebone in a press release.

"The workers were taken to an on-post medical facility where four were treated for burns and two for inhalation of fumes," he added. "All six were released after treatment and observation."

Two of those burned will receive further evaluation at the University of Utah burn clinic. The cause of the spill is under investigation.

"There was no danger to the surrounding communities or the environment," Pettebone said.