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City council honors missionary

SHARE City council honors missionary

SHERWOOD, Ore. — A full-time missionary serving in the Portland Oregon Mission was honored by the Sherwood City Council recently and featured in the local newspaper for saving the life of a choking victim.

Elder Jeremy Wilcox, Kaysville, Utah, was in the Marjorie Stewart Senior Center April 24 with his companion, Adam Rosenlund, stocking food as part of the volunteer community service all missionaries are encouraged to render. He heard a commotion and noticed a man choking. The center director was unable to dislodge a piece of corn bread from the victim's throat. By the time Elder Wilcox reached the man, he was thrasing about and turning purple.

"I just ran over and grabbed the guy and gave him the Heimlich [maneuver] as hard as I could," Elder Wilcox was quoted as saying in an article in the June 2000 Sherwood Gazette.

The rest of the people in the dining room gave him a standing ovation, the Gazette reported.

He was awarded a certificate of appreciation by the City Council at a recent meeting.