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Sorely disappointed in Salt Lake Zoo

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Editor's note: To commemorate the 150th year of continuous publication, The Deseret News is reprinting some of the letters to the editor published through the years.

After looking forward to a trip to the zoo all spring, we went and were never so disgusted and disappointed in anything before.

My three children hadn't seen any wild, wild animals before and we certainly didn't see too many there, for after 20 minutes of the rounds, we had seen everything, including a cow, goats, turkeys and rabbits of which every Salt Lake child has seen plenty if they have been two miles out of the city limits.

And of all the animals that weren't common, we couldn't distinguish as there weren't any signs at all. Most of the cages were empty and the smell was terrible. There wasn't a snake, sea lion, bird or anything a child likes to see.

There were dozens of out-of-state cars there and I was ashamed to think they were seeing our so-called zoo. That is such a wonderful location it is a shame it being wasted. Where is that money going? Certainly not on the upkeep of the place for it is a mess with only one child ride there and a decent place to grab a snack.

We went down to Liberty Park and that had the zoo beaten a dozen different ways.

A Murray mother of three children

July 3, 1952