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Tiny tools, weed mats help in garden

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Tiny tools:

Familiar, full-sized garden tools such as the shovel, rake and hoe can be cumbersome in certain areas of the garden. For better accessibility, use smaller versions of these tools for digging around plants and reaching tight corners. — Gardening by the Yard

Weed mats:

Rather than using a sheet of plastic or plastic bags as a weed preventative cover, use a weed mat. This item lets water soak through and allows the soil to breathe. Be sure to overlap the edges to avoid gaps where weeds can poke through. — Gardening by the Yard

Go for basics:

To minimize confusion and cost when shopping for garden gear, look for the basic tools every gardener should have: trowel, garden fork, spade, rake, pruner, claw, sprinkler and a strong hose. — Buy Smart with Kevyn

Bargain coverings:

If you are in need of bargain rugs or floor coverings, contact your local carpet dealer for carpet remnants. These are usually available in a large choice of colors and styles. — Awesome Interiors

Pan tested:

Before purchasing a jelly roll pan or cookie sheet, do the twist test. Place your hands on the sides of the pan and try to twist it. If it does not move, you have a high quality, long-lasting pan. — Buy Smart with Kevyn