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Don’t dump N-waste in Utah

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I am no authority on nuclear waste and only know what I read in the paper. One group will say there is no danger in shipping it through the states, and others say there is. In the Deseret News on June 24, it said, "Utah politicians and environmentalists are saying 'no' to nuclear waste, but scientists are saying 'no problem.' "

Private Fuel Storage is seeking a 20-year license to temporarily store nuclear waste on the Skull Valley Goshute Indian Reservation. Maybe some day it would be moved to a permanent site in Nevada, which they do not want. Western Utah may become this permanent site. The article said the Private Fuel Storage would spend $3.1 billion to build store and decommission the facility.

Now if the scientists are correct that there is no harm to this stuff, nuclear waste, a good businessman would say leave it where they have it now and save $3.1 billion. Why should Utah become the dump for the nation?

To the Private Fuel Storage consortium, I would say, save your money and save Utah.

Stirley Pulver

Salt Lake City