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22 patents granted to Utahns

Inventions include apparatus for brine shrimp harvest

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Twenty-two patents were granted to Utah applicants on June 13. They include:

Containment boom apparatus and methods for use in harvesting brine shrimp eggs. John A. Willener, Hooper. Filed March 15, 1999, a continuation-in-part of patent no. 5,890,311, filed Dec. 5, 1996, and a continuation-in-part of application ser. no. 18,157, filed Feb. 3, 1998 and application ser. no. 18,157, which is a continuation-in-part of application ser. no. 760,478. Patent No. 6,073,382.

Bit manufacturing method. Jacob T. C. Chow, Sidney L. Findley, David P. Beacco, and Lorenzo G. Lovato, all of Salt Lake City. Assigned to Baker Hughes Inc., Houston, Texas. Filed Sept. 24, 1996. Patent No. 6,073,518.

Modular animal shelter. Dale L. Hill and Chris C. Hill, both of Logan. Filed Dec. 10, 1998. Patent No. 6,073,587.

Sludge vacuum system. Edward M. Shea, Holladay; Kathleen R. Gammell, Midvale. Filed Feb. 24, 1999. Patent No. 6,073,779.

Access cap. Lucky Campbell, Phoenix, Ariz.; Rodger Calder, Bountiful. Filed July 27, 1998. Patent No. 6,073,792.

Apparatus methods and systems for pulverizing and cleaning brittle recyclable materials. James S. Silver, North Salt Lake; Fred Bunke, Botkins, Ohio; Richard J. Leonard, Salt Lake City; Stewart L. Grow, Peoa. Filed March 5, 1999. Patent No. 6,073,866.

Initiator with injection molded insert member. Brian K. Hamilton, Littleton, Colo.; Brent A. Parks, Englewood, Colo.; Dario G. Brisighella, Mendon. Assigned to Oea Inc., Aurora, Colo. Filed March 19, 1998. Patent No. 6,073,963.

Cooling system for an X-ray source. Greg Andrews, Sandy. Assigned to Varian Medical Systems, Inc., Palo Alto, Calif. Filed Sept. 28, 1998. Patent No. 6,074,092.

Hybrid magnetically suspended and rotated centrifugal pumping apparatus and method. Pratap S. Khanwilkar, Salt Lake City; Paul E. Allaire, Charlottesville, Va.; Gill Brent Bearnson, Salt Lake City; Don B. Olsen, Salt Lake City; Eric H. Maslen, Earlysville, Va.; James W. Long, Salt Lake City. Assigned to Medquest Products Inc., Salt Lake City, and University of Utah Research Foundation, Salt Lake City, and University of Virginia Patent Foundation, Charlottesville, Va. Filed, May 2, 1997. Patent No. 6,074,180.

Spine distraction implant and method. James F. Zucherman, San Francisco, Calif.; Ken Y. Hsu, San Francisco, Calif.; T. Wade Fallin, Hyde Park; Henry A. Klyce, Piedmont, Calif. Assigned to St. Francis Medical Technologies Inc., Concord, Calif. Filed Feb. 5, 1998, a division of patent no. 5,836,948, filed Jan. 2, 1997. Patent No. 6,074,390.

Hand-held fetal vacuum extractor having an integrated pump and handle. William Dean Wallace, Richard A. Dixon, and Steven R. Smith, all of Salt Lake City; Christopher Cutler, Centerville. Assigned to Clinical Innovations, Salt Lake City. Filed May 8, 1998. Patent No. 6,074,399.

Implantable knee joint prosthesis convertible from primary to revision. Charles H. Perrone, Jr., Park City; Aaron Hofmann, Salt Lake City; Charles W. Mumme, Austin, Texas. Assigned to Sulzer Orthopedics Inc., Austin, Texas. Filed Jan. 23, 1998. Patent No. 6,074,424.

Asphalt composition and method. James H. Collins, Houston; Glenn R. Jones, Sandy. Assigned to Petro Source Refining Partners, Houston, Texas. Filed May 1, 1998. Patent No. 6,074,469.

Method and system for detecting mobility of a wireless-capable modem to minimize data transfer rate renegotiations. Nicholas A. Thomas, Midvale. Assigned to 3Com Corp., Santa Clara, Calif. Filed Oct. 17, 1997. Patent No. 6,075,797.

Air cooled end-window metal-ceramic X-ray tube for lower power XRF applications. Robert C. Treseder, Salt Lake City. Assigned to Varian Medical Systems Inc., Palo Alto, Calif. Filed Sept. 2, 1997. Patent No. 6,075,839.

Apparatus and method for authentication and encryption of a remote terminal over a wireless link. Carl Ketcham, Taylorsville. Assigned to 3Com Corp., Santa Clara, Calif. Filed Feb. 19, 1997. Patent No. 6,075,860.

Method and system for the pregnancy condition protocol of an emergency medical dispatch system. Jeffrey J. Clawson, Salt Lake City. Filed March 28, 1997. Patent No. 6,076,065.

File transfer method and apparatus utilizing delimiters. Jim Harlan, Rockville. Assigned to Norton-Lambert Corp., Santa Barbara, Calif. Filed April 30, 1996, a continuation of application ser. no. 176,950, filed Jan. 3, 1994, now abandoned. Patent No. 6,076,084.

User interface for displaying information about a computer network. John F. Hamner, Pleasant Grove; Sandra Janich, Salt Lake City; Jeffrey L. Despain, Pleasant Grove; Katherine D. Niemann, Orem; Brian D. Sevy, Lehi; Dzung D. Tran, Beaverton, Ore. Frank K. Welch, Portland, Ore. Assigned to Intel Corp., Santa Clara, Calif. Filed Jan. 30, 1998, a division of patent no. 5,796,951, filed Dec. 22, 1995. Patent No. 6,076,106.

The ornamental design for an ornament for an antenna. Jeremy D. Morgan, Ogden. Filed July 14, 1998. Design Patent No. Des. 426,541.

The ornamental design for a paper collection tray. Roderick S. Bruner, Salt Lake City. Filed Sept. 26, 1996. Design Patent No. Des. 426,576.

The ornamental design for an illuminated dental hand tool. Dennis Herring, Midvale. Filed Aug. 26, 1999. Design Patent No. 426,636.

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