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Election Day to spell relief

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They're producing in Arabia, inflation's the same. Interest rates are falling, and NASDAQ's in pain.

But we can be thankful and grateful and proud, that Greenspan's endowed with a magical cloud.

And we know for certain that some lucky day, we'll have an election and the ponies will play.

It's 30-Year T-Bond in first, up $189 to make our $10K bet $11,209 for the year to date. Money market is showing an $11 advance TO $10,289 and 90-DAY T-Bill is third at $10,288.

EE Bonds held fourth, gaining $11 to $10,280. Gold moved down a spot to fifth on a $631 gain for the week. Lipper Mutual stumbled to sixth on a $46 loss. Lipper International advanced $92 but is still bleeding red ink at $9,330.

NASDAQ fell to eighth on a loss of $185. Silver stayed in ninth, down $36 to $9,082. Blue Chip is still bringing up the rear, losing $37 for a present worth of $8,891, down more than $1,000 since we placed our $10,000 wager on Jan. 1.