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Kudos for fluoride decision

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I want to stand and applaud the Davis County commissioners' courageous decision to allow me to vote on fluoridating my water. I am sure they were aware of the horrendously vicious attacks that would come your way by taking this stand.

I am ashamed of my fellow citizens' actions in this regard. The commissioners have earned my vote. They have demonstrated their concern for the health of their constituency and their democratic right to be heard.

I see, on a daily basis, good-intentioned and loving parents struggling to do the best for their children. Even the best-intentioned find it difficult on a consistent, daily basis to ensure their children take fluoride supplementation in an effective manner.

Fluoride in the water systems makes sense. It is incredibly cost-effective, it is distributed evenly and consistently (thus more effective) and it is safe for all who drink or come in contact with it.

I have heard much of the rights of those who do not want fluoride added to their water and the potential trampling of those rights by the majority, if fluoridation is approved in an election. Contrary to their pleas, they have nothing to lose. The decrease in dental caries leads to decreased dental costs for all, including less Medicaid dollars paying for dental caries. This far outweighs the minimal cost of fluoridation.

Fluoride is safe. It is a naturally occurring element. It is found in all the soil and water. All the major medical, dental and public health agencies not only support but also actively promote this major public health issue.

We don't need to exert our right to maintain the lowest fluoridation rate of any state. We don't need to stand alone as the cavity capital of America. We truly can make a difference in the lives of the young people of Davis County.

David G. Cope, M.D.