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No need to ditch incinerator

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I found the Associated Press article printed in the Monday (Aug. 7) Deseret News to be interesting and humorous. The Donovan Blast Chamber might be able to eliminate some of the problems associated with incineration, but it would not work on the scale necessary to replace the incinerator at Tooele or any of the other sites that stockpile chemical munition projectiles.

The Tooele chemical facility is disposing of the same number of projectiles each day that the Donovan Blast Chamber took two months to destroy. Even doubling the success that they have seen thus far (200 per month) with this technology, the number of months expected for completion of destruction goes from a few years to a few decades.

Tooele still has at least 400,000 to 600,000 projectiles left to destroy; using the Donovan Blast Chamber the final projectile destruction would occur sometime after the year 2020 instead of the current projection of about 2007.

While this application certainly has potential for the numerous non-stockpile sites located throughout the United States, it has very little application for stockpile locations that are building or operating incinerators at this time.

Jerry D. Lainhart