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DiMaggio took love of Monroe to grave

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Joe DiMaggio died with Marilyn Monroe's name on his lips, according to the Hall of Famer's lawyer and confidant.

Morris Engelberg, who was at the Yankee outfielder's bedside, recalled DiMaggio's last words in a story in the September issue Vanity Fair magazine.

"I'll finally get to see Marilyn," DiMaggio whispered in March 1999, just before he died of lung cancer at 84.

It was not the first time DiMaggio had said that, Engelberg said Tuesday from his office in Hollywood, Fla.

"We were sitting together in the patio one night, talking about his illness, and he said, 'I don't feel bad about dying. At least, I'll be with Marilyn again.' "

Engelberg said DiMaggio never stopped loving Monroe even after their nine-month marriage in 1954 ended in divorce.