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Local births

American Fork Hospital-

ANDERSON, Amber Ann and John James, Provo, boy, July 7.

ANDERTON, DeAnn and Stephen, Lehi, girl, July 11.

BAERTSCH, Shellie and Nathan, Orem, girl, July 19.

BARONE, Jennifer and Marc, American Fork, boy, July 18.

BERNHARDT, Lisa Marie and Jacob Alma, American Fork, girl, July 11.

BETTWIESER, Amy and Christian, Provo, boy, July 8.

BREMS, Jenny Lu and Jack Wade, Lehi, boy, July 8.

CALL, Sharra Faye and Matthew Lane, American Fork, girl, July 12.

EGBERT, Diane and Robert Lee, Eagle Mountain, girl, July 10.

ELLIS, Natalie and Jonathan, American Fork, girl, July 11.

FANGEL, Darcia and Virgel, Pleasant Grove, girl, July 9.

FAUSETT, Carin June and Jesse Dee, Orem, boy, July 12.

GALBRAITH, Laura Lee and Bruce Todd, Highland, girl, July 18.

GALBRAITH, Misty Gay and Daniel Bruce, Springville, boy, July 7.

GARRISON, Wendy Cathryn, and HAAS, David William, Provo, girl, July 18.

HARDLE, Lori Ann and David John, Lehi, girl, July 7.

HICKEN, Kathryn and David, Draper, boy, July 18.

HOMER, Velvet Pinky and Julio Cesar, Pleasant Grove, boy, July 8.

HORNE, Heidi, American Fork, twins, boy and girl, July 9.

HOUGHTON, Melanie and Michael Steven, Lehi, girl, July 11.

JACOBS, Tonia Marie and Robert Gibson, Alpine, girl, July 7.

JACOBSON, JaNeane and Brent Leroy, Saratoga Springs, girl, July 12.

JOHNSON, Kerilyn and Olin Malcolm, Pleasant Grove, girl, June 9.

KAMMERMAN, Laila Gay and David Lee, Orem, boy, July 19.

LOPEZ, Leilani and Edward Charles, Provo, boy, July 11.

MEEK, Jenny Lynn and Christopher Lawrence, Pleasant Grove, girl, July 19.

MILLS, Candice Lee, American Fork, girl, July 7.

NORTON, Amanda, Orem, girl, July 12.

OLIVERSON, Karen Amy and Joseph Brandon, Provo, girl, July 19.

OWENS, Angie and Brandon, Springville, girl, July 10.

PLUID, Stephanie and Charles Edward III, Orem, boy, July 18.

PRATT, Katie Lisa and John Whetten, Provo, boy, July 12.

PRESCOTT, Betsy Lynn and Shane D., Pleasant Grove, boy, July 10.

RANDALL, Sherrie Ann and Mark Todd, American Fork, boy, July 10.

RUTHERFORD, Taunalyn Ford and James Milnor, Sandy, boy, July 7.

SHAUGHNESSY, Rinda and Patrick Michael, Lehi, boy, July 8.

SHEPHERD, Camarie and Matthew Melvin, Orem, boy, July 10.

SMELTZER, Kristen Marie and Michael James, Lehi, boy, July 7.

SMITH, Brenda Marie and Michael Lynn, Lindon, boy, July 10.

THOMAS, Elizabeth Uilani and Delbert Ralph, Provo, boy, July 18.

THOMPSON, Niesha and Jeramie Dee, Lehi, girl, July 12.

TILLMAN, Elena Anne and Thomas David, Orem, boy, July 12.

TREGASKIS, Susan Kay and Michael Gray, Provo, boy, July 11.

TURNER, Kymberli and Jason Lamar, Lehi, boy, July 11.

WEAVER, Emily and Cory Lane, Provo, girl, July 11.

WHITEHEAD, Teresa and Gary Alonzo, Orem, girl, July 19.

WINSOR, Karen Margery and Christopher Vernon, Lehi, boy, July 10.

WRIGHT, Tammy Dahn and Thomas Joseph Jr., Provo, girl, July 9.

Jordan Valley Hospital-

BILLS, Natalie and Anthony, West Jordan, girl, July 28.

BOTT, Oralee and Jesse Eugene, West Jordan, girl, July 27.

BSEISO, Tracey Ann and Daniel Bryan, Riverton, girl, July 27.

CATMULL, Vanessa Ann and Benjamin Ray, Murray, girl, July 26.

CROWFORD, Mindy Dawn and Samuel Scott, West Valley City, girl, July 26.

FULLMER, Brenda and Hud, Bluffdale, girl, July 28.

MELTON, Angie Lee and Michael Tillman, West Valley City, boy, July 27.

MOOERS, Stephanie and Jeffrey, West Jordan, girl, July 28.

OHLSON, Kara Breeze and Kevin Grant, Holladay/Cottonwood, boy, July 26.

PELLOM, Tifanie and Erik, West Jordan, boy, July 28.

PHOMMABOUT, Julie and Sophat Danny, Midvale, girl, July 28.

PULIDO, Ledys Amparo and Jesus Orlando, Salt Lake City, boy, July 27.

ROSS, Angela Marie and Steven Alan, West Jordan, boy, July 27.

SILL, Amy Mae and Gregory Scott, West Valley City, boy, July 26.

SLADE, Heather and Dennis, Riverton, girl, July 26.

SMITH, Tia Jane and Keith Eric, Murray, boy, July 27.

VERNOR, Martyna and Christopher, Taylorsville, boy, July 27.

LDS Hospital-

CLARK, Alexandria and Peter, Salt Lake City, girl, July 28.

GALVAN, Cassandra, and FOULON, Bryce, Salt Lake City, girl, July 28.

HUTCHINSON, Amy and Roger, Salt Lake City, boy, July 28.

LUKE, Karyn and Charles, Salt Lake City, girl, July 28.

NICOL, Kimberlee and Donald, American Fork, girl, July 28.

SIMPSON, Lori and Mark, Midvale, girl, July 28.

SMART, Jane and Kevin, Bountiful, girl, June 24.

STOUT, Tonya and Rodney, Layton, boy, July 28.

Timpanogos Regional Hospital-

ANDERSON, Kasie Lynn and Kevin Leon, Wallsburg, girl, July 15.

ANDERSON, Terri Lyn and Rodney James, Pleasant Grove, boy, July 12.

BAIRD, Naomi and Gary Lee Jr., Orem, boy, July 16.

BENCH, Chantaile and Lincoln, Orem, boy, July 16.

CHILD, Robyn and Kenneth, Orem, girl, July 15.

DESROCHES, Shauna and Jean Bernard, Orem, girl, July 11.

FARRIS, Elizabeth and Steven, Provo, girl, July 16.

HEATH, Shayla and Eric Daniel, Lehi, boy, July 10.

KING, Ramie Jo and Roland Brusco, Orem, boy, July 14.

LANDON, Shantel and Darren, American Fork, girl, July 11.

LIDDIARD, Tara Lynn and Stephen Craig Jr., Provo, girl, July 13.

NELSON, Nuria Isabel and Dan Asahel, Orem, boy, July 11.

RIDING, Vicky and Fredrick, American Fork, girl, July 16.

STINGER, Tori and Damen, Orem, girl, July 16.

TAUTU, Catherine Makay and Pele Jr., American Fork, boy, 15.

TAYLOR, Bonnie Jean and Jeffrey Alex, Lehi, boy, July 12.

THURSTON, Erica and Patrick, Provo, girl, July 16.

TREGEAGLE, Collette and Douglas Keith, Orem, boy, July 11.

WARD, Heidi Engler and Clifford Keeth, Provo, boy, July 15.

Utah Valley Regional Medical Medical-

BONZO, Ruth Irene and Howard Kenneth, Nephi, girl, July 23.

BOULTER, Neika Anne and Casey Milnes, Salem, girl, July 22.

BURGESS, Kimberly and Brian Allan, Spingville, boy, July 24.

BYRD, Jessica Lynn, and LEALIIFANO, Siliatu, Provo, girl, July 22.

CANNON, Dorothee Marie Pierce and Lincoln Connelly, Orem, boy, July 24.

CARTER, Cheryl Lyn and Edward Lord, Orem, boy, July 23.

GILES, Cynthia and James Blair, Provo, girl, July 24.

JACKSON, Rachael, and ATKINSON, Brad, Orem, girl, July 25.

JEFFS, Kristin and Ryan, Provo, boy, July 23.

KARR, Cheryl and Bryan, Lindon, girl, July 22.

LUND, Rachel and Eric Brett, Provo, boy, July 24.

MARQUES, Lanir Maria Miranda and Ricardo Silvano, Provo, boy, July 22.

McNIVEN, Katrina and Chad, Pleasant Grove, girl, July 22.

NAJERA, Adriana, and GARCIA, Antonio, Provo, boy, July 24.

NUTTALL, Leslie, and TREGEAGLE, John, Provo, boy, July 22.

OKAMURA, Sandra and Itshi, Orem, girl, July 24.

RAWE, Melissa and Randall, Provo, girl, July 22.

RIDDLE, Sarah Diane and J. Chad Jr., Cedar City, girl, July 23.

SCOTT, Byrony and Michael Jr., Provo, boy, July 24

SIMPSON, Angela and Gordon, Springville, boy, July 23.

WHITE, Brenda and Daniel Taylor, Orem, boy, July 22.