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Utah needs technology fix

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I don't know why Gov. Leavitt has not done anything about the Department of Commerce's computer system. It is a joke that the governor's administration has focused so much on technology, and the computer systems at one of his key commerce departments do not even work.

It took the employees of this department over four months to tell me that my business had been licensed. I wonder what Leavitt is telling the big boys at Silicon Valley. Utah's motto should be, "Come to Utah, and we will take you back in time."

Maybe we should seriously be considering Bill Orton for governor. At least he has not made such a hypocrite of himself by calling himself the technology candidate. Please governor, if you do anything this year, fix the computers at this department. As citizens, we deserve better. As businesses competing with the rest of the world, Utah's government is failing us.

Lynn Webb

Salt Lake City