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Use fluoride tablets instead

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I am not a member of any organization that is opposed to fluoridation, nor am I ignorant, hysterical or superstitious. I am an intelligent individual who fails to see any reason for pursuing this particular method for delivering medication.

Fluoridation of water systems began in 1944. It was found to be effective in preventing cavities in children's teeth, and everyone jumped on the bandwagon. Since then, fluoride has become available in drops and tablets, in measured doses for children from infants to the age when permanent teeth are formed. It's also in toothpaste. Why do we need to add it to the water anymore?

This is a matter of common sense. It just doesn't seem logical to rely on such a scatter-gun approach to health care for our children when better options are available.

A very small percentage of treated water is going to reach those teeth. Surely we can provide the right amount of fluoride to our children without medicating everyone, or medicating the water that is used for many other purposes. Modern treatment is more efficient, safe, practical and equitable. It doesn't infringe on anyone else's water. If we really care about our children's teeth, we'll make sure they receive the right amount of fluoride, regardless of how much, or little, water they drink.

Gail Peay