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Missionary moments: Faith works miracles

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I had been on my mission in Valencia, Venezuela, for a month and a half when I learned that faith really can work miracles. About a month before I arrived, my companion fell and fractured her cranium. One day in January we returned to the doctor for a follow-up CAT scan. In Venezuela, they give you your results; the clinic keeps no records.

It had been a long morning in the clinic, and my companion and I were exhausted. When we got off the hot, crowded bus, my companion left her results next to her seat. She was frantic when we realized what had happened. She needed these results to show the doctors in the United States when she returned home. After staring down the road where the bus had gone and fretting over what to do, we reluctantly decided to go to lunch.

My companion was my best friend, and I wanted so much to solve her problem. Suddenly, while at lunch, it occurred to me that I could pray because the Lord was the one who could help us get her CAT scan back. I prayed with all my heart. As I was praying, I just knew we would get her test back. I experienced a deep feeling of calm and peace. From that moment, I quit worrying and instead exercised my faith in the Lord.

After lunch, we returned to our apartment. There, standing at the door waiting for us was the most wonderful thing I had ever seen; a less-active member holding the CAT scan in his hand. His neighbor had seen us on the bus and knew we were missionaries. She picked up the results and brought them to him, and he came straight to our apartment because he said he knew we would be worried.

Getting back the CAT scan was truly a miracle. Only the Lord could have touched the hearts of so many to get us back the test. The experience was a testimony to me that even in today's fast-paced, computer-generated world, faith and prayers still really do work miracles. — Sister Melanie Bridge, Venezuela Valencia Mission

Another in a series of "Missionary Moments."

Illustration by John Clark.