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Hurrah for large families

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Hurrah for large families! Hurrah for large families with a mother and a father and where good Christian values are taught. (These values are what this nation was built upon.) These parents are the heros of today.

Some have called us "irresponsible." The current birth rate of children born to single mothers is well over one-third of live births. Aren't they the people who are irresponsible? Those children become the "tax burdens."

It is a blessing to have children raised with a mother and father in the home. Those children can help offset the ill effects society now faces with large numbers of children being raised by only a single parent and by child-care facilities.

Those of us who choose to have large families take on a great responsibility; however, we feel the benefits that come from that sacrifice will make society a better place in the years to come.

Shad and Leila Barnes