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All ravers are not druggies

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I go to raves. I dance with glowsticks. I have boxes full of colorful bead jewelry. But I do not do drugs.

I find it both insulting and discriminating to tell parents to pay attention as to whether or not their child owns these things because there are many of us out there who do not break the law. When I go out to a rave, I go to dance and listen to the music. Parents should not necessarily assume their children are on drugs simply because of their accessories or clothing. There are many other more important signs to look for, such as a child's grades dropping suddenly, or moodiness.

Mostly, it is important not to stereotype. The ravers in Utah are treated like insects that need to be squished. There have been occasions when the cops have come into bust a party and not only did they yell at us and treat us with complete disrespect (while every single one of us was attempting to comply with them), but when we have asked why the party has to be shut down, they have become verbally abusive and even threatened to throw us in jail.

So, my advice to parents would be to become involved in their children's lives. Know what is really going on.

If they find out that their child has a drug problem, it is their duty to see that the child gets the help he or she needs. However, we are innocent until proven guilty in this country, and if you accuse an innocent person of doing drugs, what is to stop them the next time they are offered?

There is a drug epidemic all over the country, but when you see me, in my baggy pants and beads, know that there are a lot of us who are fighting the epidemic just as hard as you are.

Lacey Wright