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Lieberman’s ethics lacking

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My religious convictions prevent me from voting for Al Gore no matter who his running mate is and what endorsements he gave. We vote primarily for the president, not the vice president.

I heard it said that Joseph Lieberman was a good choice because he brings ethics to the Democratic ticket. What truly ethical person would want to be associated with Al Gore?

The press reminds us that Lieberman was the first Democrat to blast Clinton for his actions in the Lewinsky affair. So what? Let me remind everyone that Lieberman voted to keep Clinton in office after impeachment. So much for ethics and his words. Actions speak louder than words.

Lieberman has many views that do not coincide with Al Gore's. How does Lieberman justify running on a ticket with which he is fundamentally opposed? So much for ethics.

Only one day as the vice presidential candidate and he has now changed his views on school choice and privatization of social security, now aligning himself with Clinton/Gore.

Where are his principles? Where are his ethics? My, what a great vice presidential candidate.

Garth Woolsey

West Bountiful