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Library must get out of red

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First, I would like to say that I was opposed to the new library tax imposed on us last year. I spoke on this specific issue at the public form held at the county building last fall. Libraries are good for the community and, when properly managed, are a valuable asset to the community.

I have reviewed the Davis library fund financial statements for the past six years. In each year the library has had to depend on transfers from other county funds for support. Even with this, the library has continued to operate in the red. This means that it spends more than it takes in.

When I spoke of the deficit at the public hearing, library director Pete Giacoma stated that the new tax would bring the library fund in budget. He said, "I guarantee it!" I seriously doubt it, since the plan included building two new libraries, expanding two, hiring additional personnel and buying more computers.

His management team and stewardship of the Davis County Library System are questionable at best. I do not see the library fund being financially sound for years to come unless steps are taken to reduce costs.

As a citizen, I must live within my means. I cannot go to my neighbors and say, "Give me another $100,000 so I can make ends meet." It does not happen in the real world. Mr. Giacoma needs to be a better steward and be held accountable for these budget shortfalls year after year. The county commissioners must be held accountable for continuing to allow this kind of deficit spending within Davis County.

Roger Tadsen