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Nugent’s book on Columbine is under fire

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DENVER — Two police officers stood guard as rock 'n' roll gun rights advocate Ted Nugent signed copies of his new book.

The autograph session at a bookstore went peacefully as several dozen fans lined up with copies of "God, Guns and Rock N' Roll."

The book signing came under protest from several people who objected to Nugent's use of the Columbine High School massacre as an argument for allowing people to carry concealed weapons.

In the book, Nugent, an avid bow hunter and a director of the National Rifle Association, suggests that someone could have stopped one of the two killers as he reloaded his weapon.

"Bad guys are classic cowards," Nugent wrote. "He fired twice from an obviously two-barreled shotgun, folks! Somebody take it away from him and beat him senseless PLEASE!!"

Tom Mauser, whose son Daniel was one of the 12 students killed, called Nugent's statements "despicable."

"I think he's living in this fantasy world where kids are crybabies if they don't fight back against somebody holding a gun."

Mauser pointed out there were two killers, each with two guns, one with 15 bullets and the other with 30. He also noted that his own son shoved a chair at one gunman only to be shot a second time.

"That's why it's so despicable for him to suggest they could have fought back," said Mauser, spokesman for SAFE Colorado, a gun-control group formed after Columbine.