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Low water in Pineview uncovers stolen cars

SHARE Low water in Pineview uncovers stolen cars

HUNTSVILLE — Pineview Reservoir's low water level is causing problems for boaters but has enabled officers to retrieve two stolen cars.

Fishermen on the banks near the neck of the reservoir by the dam spotted a car in the water Sunday, Weber County sheriff's Sgt. Ryon Hadley said.

A second car was found nearby.

"You could barely see the nose of one of them sticking out of the water," he said.

One car had been reported stolen in 1998 in Ogden, and the other was stolen in Davis County in May 1999.

"They were both pretty mossy, so I think they've probably been there for the whole time," Hadley said.

Even though the water level is lower than normal this year, Hadley said finding cars in the reservoir is not uncommon.

"We can generally expect to find at least one or two cars per year. Finding two on the same day is pretty rare. I wouldn't be surprised to see more this year," he said.

The water level drops every summer as farmers irrigate and homeowners water yards, but this year it's lower than usual.

Currently, the water is about 36 feet deep and has a capacity of about 250 boats.

When the water first started to drop dramatically, many boaters didn't notice the change until it was too late, state parks officer Don Kelly said.

Soon it won't be just new islands that will hinder boaters, Ogden Ranger Rick Vallejos said.

If the water drops much more, the concrete ramps won't reach the water, and boaters will have to go through mud to get to the water.