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Lieberman has no integrity

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It saddens me to see that the Deseret News editors are not bright enough to look through hype and rhetoric to find the real truth about issues. Your Aug. 8 editorial titled "Gore's solid choice for v.p." clearly illustrates my point.

Amid the praises for Sen. Joseph Lieberman, you made reference to the fact that he stood up and denounced President Clinton's actions that caused the impeachment process. You also point out that Lieberman "didn't feel the president's actions warranted impeachment," showing that his vote for acquittal is somehow justified. You even went so far as to associate this man with the traits of "character and integrity."

Let me make my point in very simple terms so that you may understand them:

First, the fact that Lieberman denounced Clinton's acts shows that he knew (like the rest of the world) that Bill Clinton committed those acts.

Second, it is fine for Lieberman to "feel" that the actions did not warrant impeachment; however it is the members of the House of Representatives who make that determination — not senators — and the determination they made was that those actions did warrant impeachment.

Third, the question posed to Lieberman was essentially, "Was Bill Clinton guilty of committing these acts?" Lieberman, knowing of his guilt, answered "not guilty."

Fourth, by trying to reverse the actions of the House of Representatives with the use of a bald-faced lie, Lieberman was part of a group of people who showed absolutely no respect for our nation's Constitution or their own oaths of office.

These are not the actions of a man of "character and integrity."

William R. Bodine