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‘Patriot’ was wonderful film

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We as a family will usually check the ratings and the stars that a movie receives in the Deseret News. Many times the star rating isn't very accurate, but on the movie "Patriot," we felt that it was completely erroneous. We almost missed this wonderful film because of it. The movie truly captured the heroic and intense patriotism of part of the Revolutionary War. The language was clean and respectful, family love and loyalty were extolled, prayer to God was unostentatiously displayed, and brotherhood of mankind regardless of station in life and race was respected.

What do our older children and adults feel when they see our beautiful stars and stripes fluttering in the wind? Perhaps it would be beneficial to just once see it through the eyes of a devoted father that has sacrificed his all and his two sons to keep it flying through this horrific battle against the tyranny of bondage to the British. Bravery against the evils inflicted upon mankind do unfortunately often include blood and gore and violence — which was graphic in this film — but reality, to be witnessed, must contain truth. And the truth is that war is ugly and tortuous and hateful.

But it is also full of hearts that are brave and courageous and seek to sacrifice their all in order that a higher cause may be sought. And that cause is the freedom that all of us enjoy every moment of every day. I felt fortunate to view a part of the lives and feelings and times of those good people taking part in the birth of this nation.

Diane Wilson