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Legacy to mar quality of life

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I am strongly opposed to the Legacy Highway for the following reasons:

1. In the effort to transport people and goods along the Wasatch Front, a highway is but one alternative. However, the National Environmental Policy Act requires agencies to consider "all reasonable alternatives" for this purpose.

2. The proposed highway would run through one of the most important nesting and staging grounds for millions of waterfowl and shorebirds of the western hemisphere. The Clean Water Act prohibits such destruction unless the Utah Department of Transportation can prove that there are no less damaging alternatives.

3. Air quality would be reduced from its already alarming note due to increased traffic and the ensuing growth and congestion.

I request that all agencies require a programmatic environmental impact statement addressing the cumulative impacts from, the full-proposed highway, along with all concurrent efforts to meet regional transportation needs.

I ask that UDOT consider such regionwide land use and transportation alternatives as those being considered by Envision Utah.

The proposed highway will leave naught but a legacy of pollution, congestion, destruction and diminished quality of life.

Lisa L. Verzella

President, L&V Records