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KSL tops morning show favorites

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"Grant and Amanda" of KSL; Kerry, Bill and Gina of KXRK; "Bob and Tom" of KBER and "Dain and Peggy" of KSFI constitute the four top-rated morning shows for the three main age groups, according to the Spring Book Arbitron radio estimates.

That's quite a change from last winter, with KSL surpassing KSFI in the morning for the age 12-plus category, and with KSFI surging by "The Freak Show" on KURR in the age 25-54 division.

However, it's the age 18-34 category that has the biggest surprise — "Bob and Tom," a syndicated show, has tied for No. 1 with a local program, "The Radio From Hell Show" (Kerry Jackson, Bill Allred and Gina Barberi) of KXRK. This may be the first time a syndicated show is at the top of any main Wasatch Front radio station.

Jon Carter of KRSP made some big improvements in the latest ratings, moving from sixth to fourth among adults.

"The Freak Show" (Mick Martin and Allen Handy) fell to seventh place among young adults and dropped to a tie for sixth place among adults. The KURR morning show had been No. 1 in the last book for both those age categories.

For teen listeners, age 12-17, the "Z-morning Zoo" remained on top but dropped from a 23.9 percent share to only 18.4. Zac Davis of KUUU ("U-92") closed the gap at second-place.

— Here are the Arbitron radio estimates for listeners ages 12-plus. Monday-Friday, 6-10 a.m. for the spring of 2000:

1. "Grant and Amanda," KSL, (9.1 percent share); 2. "Dain and Peggy," KSFI (6.2); 3. "Bob and Tom," KBER (syndicated) (5.4); 4. "Radio from Hell Show," (Kerry, Bill and Gina) KXRK (4.5); 5. (tie) "Z-morning Zoo," KZHT and "Johnson and Johnson," KUBL (4.3); 7. Jon Carter, KRSP (4.2); 8. Dickie and Angel, KODJ (4.0); 9. Jimmy Chunga and Mr. West, KENZ (3.8); 10. (tie) Mick and Allen, KURR and "Country Joe" and Dick Jacobson, KSOP AM/FM (3.7).

— Here are the Arbitron radio estimates for listeners, age 18-34, Monday to Friday, 6-10 a.m., for the spring of 2000:

1. (tie) "Bob and Tom," (syndicated) KBER, and "Radio from Hell Show," KXRK (9.3); 3. Jimmy Chunga and Mr. West, KENZ (8.0); 4. Mick and Allen, KURR (7.8); 5. "Z-Morning Zoo," KZHT (5.6); 6. "Star Morning Grind," (Marci, Marcus and Steven) KQMB (5.2); 7. "Johnson and Johnson," KUBL (5.1); 8. "Simon and Brady," KBEE (4.6); 9. (tie) "Dain and Peggy," KSFI and "Fisher, Todd and Erin," KISN (4.4).

— Here are the Arbitron radio estimates for listeners, age 25-54, Monday to Friday, 6-10 a.m., for the spring of 2000:

1. "Dain and Peggy," KSFI (7.0); 2. "Grant and Amanda, KSL (6.9); 3. "Bob and Tom," KBER (6.2); 4. Jon Carter, KRSP (5.9); 5. Dickie and Angel, KODJ (5.1); 6. Mick and Allen, KURR (5.0); 7. "Johnson and Johnson," KUBL (4.4); 8. (tie) Jimmy Chunga and Mr. West, KENZ and "Fisher, Todd and Erin," KISN (4.1); 10. (tie) Cano and KAT Morning Crew, KKAT and Johnny Quest, KCPX (3.9).

— Here are the Arbitron radio estimates for listeners, age 12-17, Monday to Friday, 6-10 a.m., for the spring of 2000:

1. "Z-Morning Zoo" (Frankie C. Danger Boy and Kelli), KZHT (18.4); 2. Zac Davis, KUUU (17.3); 3. "Radio From Hell Show," KXRK (9.5); 4. (tie) "Bob and Tom," KBER and "Fisher, Todd and Erin," KISN (7.3).

ANOTHER MURRAY AREA LANDMARK FALLS — While the twin Murray smokestacks fell earlier this month, five radio towers — also Murray area landmarks — fell in nearby Taylorsville on Aug. 10 at 1130 W. 5200 South. These included one main tower and four directional AM radio towers owned by KKDS (AM-1060). The towers date back to 1967 when KRSP-AM started up.

According to station owner/manager Ralph Carlson, the station is moving its transmitter to Lark and its offices to 3606 S. 500 West. He sold the land to make way for a new park in Taylorsville and isn't sure what will happen to the old studio building.

Carlson sold KRSP-FM to the Simmons Radio Group in 1992 but said he doesn't plan on selling out his last AM operation in Utah. However, he also owns three other stations — KCYN-FM in Moab (country music) and two stations in Elko, Nev.

KKDS is an adult standards/nostalgic station and is planning on changing its slogan from all-American music to "Good music, good memories."

Since the demise of KDYL as a nostalgic music station, Carlson said he seems to be attracting more listeners than ever.

KUER CHANGES — FM-90.1 made some significant weekday evening lineup changes two weeks ago when it phased out Wes Bowen's decade-old jazz music show and added the NPR "Fresh Air" interview show (7-8 p.m.) and expanded Steve Williams' jazz music program by one hour; it is now 8 p.m.-midnight.

Contrary to some reports, Bowen was offered a chance to say farewell to his long-time audience, though he declined to do so. That's according to Hawk Mendenhall, KUER program director. Bowen could not be reached for comment. (Bowen is also well-known for his many years on KSL radio, decades ago.)

Mendenhall said research showed a steady decrease in jazz listeners prior to 8 p.m. on KUER. (Bowen's show aired 7-9 p.m.) Mendenhall also said research showed listeners wanted more news/interviews and "Fresh Air" filled that slot.

"It wasn't efficient for Bowen to have a single-hour show," Mendenhall said, adding that the changes are part of some continual fine-tuning stations must do. "You're always looking at what your audience is doing."

He said more new weekday programming is forthcoming.

Jeff Fox still does a jazz music show on KUER from midnight-4 a.m. on weekdays and from midnight-5 a.m. on weekends.

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