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Revise DARE, don’t end it

SHARE Revise DARE, don’t end it

Instead of eliminating the DARE program, Rocky Anderson should revise the program for parents and make it mandatory that all parents attend the program with their children.

It is shocking how many parents are not aware of the drugs out there and how easily accessible they are to our children.

The DARE program, in my opinion, is successful even if one child is educated enough to be saved from the drug world. However, the DARE program would be more successful if it was revised to provide information to parents so they could become aware of personality changes, what to look for if a child is using drugs, etc.

Plus, if parents do learn that their child is using drugs, a revised DARE program could teach them the resources available to help them fight the drug use, such as Youth Services and the various drug counseling services available to them based on income.

As parents, sometimes we feel too confident that our children will never use drugs. Wrong. The parents of most of the children using drugs are unaware of it because they have not educated themselves to look for it. For some parents, when we do learn our children are using drugs, we don't know what to do to stop it. We need help. Mr. Anderson can help us with a revised DARE program.

If parents were educated they could take more responsibility in putting a stop to drug use in their homes.

B. JoEllen Kershaw