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Eisley making a big mistake

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How ignorant is Howard Eisley? Obviously, very!

How could he be around last year's Shandon Anderson debacle and keep Dan Fegan as his agent? I hope all players represented by Fegan take heed of his horrible negotiation tactics.

Howard is an excellent player. And, he definitely is worth the money he is going to be making this year. However, I am very confident that Howard will never again be offered a $4 million per year contract. In fact, I am as confident stating this as I am stating that Anderson will never see a $4 million per year contract.

Shandon has played without having Karl Malone, John Stockton and Jeff Hornacek around. Now Howard will get a chance to see just how difficult life in the NBA can be without the big three around. It will stink.

I hope not to sound to bitter, but I think these fellows have received very bad advice. Howard is now going to sign a one-year, $2.5 million deal. Why not just ask the Jazz to sign him for one year if that's what he wanted? At least in Utah he would have had a chance (even if a slim one) to play for a championship.

Oh well, at least Jacque Vaughn and John (Crotty) still want to play with the Jazz.

Brett Miller

Missoula, Mont.