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Hatch accuses Clinton of spreading ‘pure bull corn’

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PHILADELPHIA — Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Orrin Hatch, R-Utah, says President Clinton is spreading "pure bull corn" with renewed complaints that the GOP Senate is not confirming enough of his judicial nominees.

"My goodness, we've confirmed more judges for him than we did for Ronald Reagan," Hatch said.

On Sunday, Clinton complained to a meeting of trial lawyers in Chicago that many of his nominees — especially women and minorities — are being stalled because of election-year politics. It's a complaint he has repeated for months.

"They're being held in a political jail because they can't get a hearing from this Republican Senate," Clinton said.

Hatch said, "That's pure bull corn." He noted, "Yes, when you reach a certain point in the presidential campaign, nominations stop proceeding. We're almost there. But we confirmed five nominees just last week."

"I've been under fire from conservatives who say we have been confirming too many of Clinton's nominees," Hatch said. "We have been confirming a diverse group of women and minorities. He has no reason to complain."

He added that Clinton nominees generally run into trouble only when they appear likely to "legislate from the bench," which leads to blocks by conservatives.