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Local births

Cottonwood Hospital-

ALLGOOD, Nancy and Robert, Tooele, boy, Aug. 9.

BARBER, Leeanna and Marc, Salt Lake City, boy, Aug. 9.

BIRRELL, Joyce and Gary, Salt Lake City, boy, Aug. 9.

CHRISTOFFERSON, Cari, and JOHNSON, Robert, West Valley City, boy, Aug. 9.

CRANDALL, Jael and Roger, West Valley City, boy, Aug. 9.

JEWKES, Reggie and John, Taylorsville, boy, Aug. 9.

NICKLE, Jeridawn and David, Riverton, boy, Aug. 9.

THOMPSON, Jeuneelle amd Troy, Salt Lake City, boy, Aug. 9.

WORKMAN, Lisa and Greg, Salt Lake City, girl, Aug. 9.

LDS Hospital-

FELL, Mary, West Valley City, girl, Aug. 1.

FOX, Rachelle and Jessie, Layton, girl, Aug. 1.

GILLILAND, Laurie and Darryll, Salt Lake City, boy, Aug. 1.

GUBLER, Erin and David, Salt Lake City, boy, Aug. 1.

HARLAN, Florence and Derek, Salt Lake City, girl, Aug. 1.

HENSON, Dawn and Sterling, Magna, boy, Aug. 1.

KAUFUSI, Ofa and Lisiate, Salt Lake City, girl, Aug. 1.

McKINNEY, Celeste and Wesley, Salt Lake City, boy, Aug. 1.

MILLS, Laura and Gary, Bountiful, girl, Aug. 1.

MORGAN, Tamara and Juren, Bountiful, boy, Aug. 1.

PARRY, Melissa and Eric, Magna, boy, Aug. 1.

SCHULTE, Colleen and Dean, Coalville, girl, Aug. 1.

STRINGHAM, Kathy and Scott, Centerville, boy, Aug. 1.

TORRES, Dula, and SCHRUBB, Daniel, Salt Lake City, girl, Aug. 1.

WORKMAN, Erica and Robert, Magna, girl, Aug. 1.

ZARATE, Lourdes, and SOLANO, Juan, Salt Lake City, boy, Aug. 1.

McKay-Dee Hospital-

ARCHULETA, Melissa and Clayton, Ogden, boy, Aug. 4.

BARRIENTEZ, Patricia and Juan, Clearfield, boy, Aug. 4.

BERGMAN, Amber and Daniel, Ogden, boy, Aug. 4.

CLARK, Heather and Jeremy, Layton, boy, Aug. 5.

COWAN, Brandy, and TARBET, Colton, Ogden, girl, July 20.

HAYCOCK, Angela and Douglas, Ogden, boy, Aug. 4.

HOLSTON, Brenda, and MORA, Rafael, Ogden, girl, Aug. 4.

HULL, Angie M. and Scott, Layton, girl, Aug. 3.

KESTER, Heather and James, Logan, girl, Aug. 6.

McBEE, Tina, Brigham City, boy, Aug. 5.

MEACHAM, Sharon A., and LEMUS, Oswaldo Antonio, Layton, twins, boy and girl, Aug. 5.

MOBLEY, Ricca and Jimmy, Ogden, girl, Aug. 4.

PEEK, Suzanne, and FERNANDEZ, Christopher, Salt Lake City, boy, Aug. 5.

PERRY, Colleen and Michael, Ogden, boy, Aug. 6.

SCHALK, Jesmine Charlene, and DeHERRERA, Mike, Roy, girl, Aug. 3.

STUART, Angie and Guy, Morgan, boy, Aug. 4.

TAYLOR, Alicia, Ogden, girl, Aug. 4.

TORMAN, Shauna and Leonard, Ogden, girl, Aug. 4.

VANWAGENEN, Laura and Paul, Ogden, girl, Aug. 4.

WILSON, Sededra, Ogden, girl, July 22.

Ogden Regional Medical Center-

ANTHON, Lori Ann and Dustin Chipman, Ogden, girl, Aug. 3.

BEESLEY, Shelly Ann and Jon David, Clinton, girl, Aug. 6.

BINGHAM, Tiffany and Donald William, Farr West, girl, Aug. 2.

BIRD, Julie Louise and Jared William, Brigham City, boy, Aug. 4.

BRACEY, Brittany, and HELBACH, Brian Scott, Syracuse, girl, Aug. 3.

COOK, Jodi Lea, and SCHLUTER, Ronald Henry, Ogden, boy, Aug. 3.

CURTIS, Bernice, Roy, girl, Aug. 6.

FLOYD, Polly and Roric Whitney, Plain City, girl, Aug. 6.

GARRETT, Sharla and David Lane, Ogden, boy, Aug. 2.

GILES, Jennifer and Blake Dana, Ogden, boy, Aug. 6.

GRAY, Amy Jean and Michael Andrew, Ogden, girl, Aug. 5.

GRAY, Teresa Marie and Robert Joseph, Roy, girl, Aug. 6.

HANCHETT, Tammy and James Lee, Ogden, girl, July 30.

HATCH, Celeste and Bradley, Evanston, Wyo., girl, Aug. 4.

IRWIN, Brandy Lynn, and THORPE, Michael Dee, Layton, girl, Aug. 4.

JOLLEY, Melynda Ann and Troy Aaron, Brigham City, girl, Aug. 7.

JONES, Alicia and Michael, Ogden, girl, Aug. 3.

KRESSIN, Chasity Shantel, Roy, girl, Aug. 3.

MADSEN, Barbara Virleen and Gary Kay, Layton, boy, Aug. 2.

MANESS, Robyn Louise, Layton, boy, Aug. 2.

MARTINEZ, Cherrish Ann, Ogden, girl, Aug. 4.

MAW, Leesa Kae and Scott Leonard, South Ogden, boy, Aug. 6.

OWENS, Bobbye Kay and Stuart Lars, Kaysville, girl, Aug. 2.

PERDOMO, Jessica and Hermilo, Ogden, boy, Aug. 1.

POULSON, Kristy Karen and Steven Wayne, Layton, girl, Aug. 7.

ROSS, Vicki Anne and Russell Scott, Farr West, boy, Aug. 6.

SINGLETON, Tisa Nichole and Shawn Dee, West Valley City, boy, Aug. 7,

SKEEN, Lynn, and GIBSON, Ross Jr., Roy, boy, Aug. 3.

STEWART, Krystin and Lyle E., Ogden, boy, Aug. 1.

STUFFLEBEAN, BreeAnne, Ogden, girl, July 29.

TABARES, Rosa and Antonio, Ogden, girl, Aug. 3.

THOMPSON, Tawnya Leigh and Jerry Robert, Roy, girl, Aug. 3.

WOODWARD, Karla Diane and Rick Emil, Ogden, girl, Aug. 5.

YOUNG, Kathern and Jeffrey Vern, Echo Canyon, boy, Aug. 3.

Timpanogos Regional Hospital-

ASBURY, Jannalyn and Hyrum Jay, Provo, boy, July 24.

AUGER, Jackie and Paul, Provo, girl, Aug. 2.

BECKSTEAD, Julie and Paul Dee, American Fork, boy, July 25.

BOREN, Micki Lee, and SUNDE, Anthony Robert, Orem, boy, Aug. 2.

BRADY, Laura and Shane Aaron, Orem, boy, Aug. 3.

BURNINGHAM, Jamie and Brett Swenson, Orem, girl, Aug. 1.

CHORNIAK, Janice and Chad Allan, Orem, girl, Aug. 4.

CHRISTENSEN, Rama Jean and Kyle Brent, Lehi, girl, Aug. 4.

COLLEDGE, Jamie Lynn and David Dwayne, Lehi, boy, July 27.

DAVIDSON, Judith and James Paul, Lehi, boy, Aug. 2.

EMBLEY, Heidi Sue and Steven Len, Lindon, girl, July 25.

HINTZE, Amber and Christopher Jerry, Provo, boy, July 25.

JENKINS, April Sue and Joshua Clyde, Lehi, boy, Aug. 4.

JENSEN, April Michelle and Travis Anthony, Lehi, boy, July 31.

JOHNSON, Colette and Christopher H., Alpine, boy, Aug. 4.

MECHAM, Victoria and Anthon Whitener, Orem, girl, Aug. 5.

SMITH, Janice Elaine and Jay Glen, Pleasant Grove, boy, Aug. 5.

MARBLE, Sorena and Christopher Kemp, Salem, girl, July 24.

MURDOCK, Nansi Sue and Paul Andrew, Alpine, boy, Aug. 1.

NAY, Chantelle and Todd Ellis, Pleasant Grove, boy, Aug. 6.

NELSON, JoDee and Eric Bradford, Santaquin, girl, July 24.

PETERSON, Jamie and Dustin Robert, Lehi, girl, Aug. 2.

RANDALL, Kristen Margaret and Scott Michael, Heber City, girl, July 25.

RASMUSSEN, Angela Lynn and Thomas Milton, Orem, boy, July 26.

RIGBY, Amy Lynn and Devin Mark, American Fork, girl, July 25.

ROBERTSON, Trudi Joy and James Colby, Provo, girl, July 28.

SPENCER, Jenny Anne and Ryan Jeffery, Pleasant Grove, girl, July 27.

WORTON, Kori Lee and Kenneth DeWayne, Highland, boy, July 26.

Utah Valley Regional Medical Center-

ANDERSON, Melba Isabel and Douglas Nephi, Springville, boy, July 31.

BARNES, Melinda Joy and Daniel Vern, Provo, boy, July 31

BEESE, Shauna Lyn and John WIlliam, Provo, boy, July 31.

BRINGHURST, Stephanie and Joseph Lang, Provo, boy, Aug. 2.

BROWN, Sonia and Mario Ray, Provo, boy, Aug. 2.

BURDETTE, Lori and Jimmy Richard, Draper, girl, Aug. 1.

BURGESS, Virginia and Gary, Orem, boy, Aug. 1.

BURROWS, Rebecca Ann and Carl Marvin, Springville, boy, Aug. 2.

BUSH, Korey and Travis, Orem, girl, July 29.

CARTER, Amy Lynn and Richard James, Orem, boy, July 29.

CHRISTENSEN, Maria Shirlynn and Blake Joseph, Payson, boy, Aug. 2.

COWIE, Sharie Lynda and Adam Marshall, Provo, twins, two boys, Aug. 2.

CLEGG, Amber and Michael Joseph, Provo, boy, July 30.

FUNK, Stephanie and Daniel, Provo, boy, Aug. 2.

GUTIERREZ, Maria and Leo, Pleasant Grove, boy, Aug. 2.

GUYMON, Joyce and Jeffrey, Mapleton, boy, Aug. 1.

HAPAIRAI, Korin Jane and Bryson Amos, Mapleton, boy, July 31.

HATCH, Kristin and Philander Wells, Pleasant Grove, girl, Aug. 2.

HERDE, Jennifer and Sean, Provo, girl, Aug. 1.

HOLDAWAY, Stefani and Trent Jay, Springville, boy, July 30.

HSIEH, Jennifer and Hao-Yih Steve Sr., Provo, boy, July 31.

HUDGENS, Sondra and Clete, Highland, boy, Aug. 1.

JEPPSON, Jackie Lee, St. George, girl, July 29.

LAMBERT, Michelle and Adam Eric, Spanish Fork, boy, Aug. 2.

LEE, JaeYoung and YongSuk, Provo, girl, Aug. 2.

LOPEZ, LaVinia Jo and Robert Trevino, Orem, boy, July 29.

MAULDIN, Danica and Frederick, Provo, boy, July 29.

MONTOYA, Dorianna and Raul, Payson, boy, July 30.

PRATTE, Lareen and Mitchell Kalani, Springville, girl, July 31.

PRESTON, Elizabeth, and CRANDELL, John McCleve IV, Orem, boy, July 29.

REESE, Angela and John Bradshaw, Provo, girl, July 29.

RUELAS, Dulce and Emigdio, Provo, boy, July 31.

SCHOUTEN, Amy Lee and Timothy. Provo, girl, July 31.

SMITH, Rachell Ellen and Hugh Craig, Provo, boy, July 29.

SPENCER, Christie Sue and Ryan Wayne, Spanish Fork, boy, July 30.

STOUT, Jeanette Sue and Randall, Alpine, girl, July 31.

TIDWELL, Joanie and Russell March, Orem, boy, July 31.

THOMPSON, Danielle and Timothy, Springville, boy, Aug. 1.

WEBER, Rebecca Ann and Ryan Thomas, Orem, girl, July 30.

WOFFINDEN, Amy Maxine and Aaron Kent, Provo, boy, July 31.

WRAY, Staci Ellen and James Berkley, Provo, girl, July 29.