Utah Jazz draft pick DeShawn Stevenson pleaded not guilty Monday to a charge of fighting in public on the night he was drafted.

Stevenson, 19, did not appear at the Clovis, Calif., Courthouse. He had his attorney, Rick Berman, enter the plea on his behalf.

Stevenson is accused of brawling at the City/County All-Star Basketball Game and faces a misdemeanor count of disturbing the peace.

Also charged is Fresno State football player Chris Sims, 18. Sims has been charged with misdemeanor charges of public fighting, resisting arrest and possession of a weapon — a utility razor knife — on school grounds.

Judge C.E. Williams scheduled motions and a status conference for Sept. 5. Stevenson's trial date is Sept. 28.

If convicted, Stevenson faces a maximum sentence of 90 days in jail and $400 fine.

Sims faces up to 2 years and 90 days in jail, plus a $2,400 fine. He has been cited to appear for arraignment Sept. 11, according to Clovis court personnel.

Berman told the Fresno Bee that Stevenson probably would not appear in court until a trial.