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No millionaires in Dist. 1 race

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WASHINGTON — Utah's 1st House District will not be represented by a millionaire no matter who wins this year's election. That's a rarity recently among most Beehive State congressional districts.

New disclosure forms show Democrat challenger Kathleen McConkie Collinwood is not a millionaire. And previous forms also show that her opponent, Rep. Jim Hansen, R-Utah, is not.

However, the disclosures show that the other four current members of Utah's congressional delegation may be millionaires, and many of their challengers likewise are wealthy.

Collinwood's form lists her net worth between $204,007 and $460,000, not counting her home or cars, which need not be disclosed on the forms.

She also had a $70,000 salary last year as an attorney, and her husband earned $95,000 from the University of Utah. She also listed investment income between $15,206 and $51,800.

While forms were due May 15 for most members and candidates, Collinwood applied for and received an automatic 90-day extension.

Hansen's form, filed in May, lists his net worth between $169,007 and $594,999, not counting personal homes or cars. He had between $5,606 and $18,400 in investment income besides his House salary of $136,700 and pension income of $6,411.

The net worth for other members of the all-GOP delegation are (not including homes or cars): Sen. Bob Bennett, between $1.1 million and $40.2 million; Rep. Chris Cannon, between $7.6 million and $31.2 million, Rep. Merrill Cook, between $1.15 million and $5.4 million; and Sen. Orrin Hatch, between $654,045 and $1.91 million.

The ranges are wide because disclosure forms do not require them to list the exact value of assets. Instead, they check off preset categories, which have wide ranges.

Among those challenging the incumbents, Republican Derek Smith, who defeated Cook in the GOP primary, is shown to have assets between $4.93 million and $25.85 million. His opponent, Democrat Jim Matheson, is worth $339,045 to $1.44 million.

Democrat Scott Howell, who is opposing Hatch, has assets valued between $382,009 and $979,999.

The least wealthy congressional candidate is Democrat Donald Dunn, who is opposing Cannon. His net worth is listed between $134,007 and $310,000.

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