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World datelines


MANILA — Libya reluctantly agreed to pay the entire multimillion-dollar ransom demanded by Philippine Muslim guerrillas in a last-ditch effort to win the release of 12 foreign hostages, negotiators said Tuesday.


MOSCOW — Russia's population continued to decline during the first six months of the year, falling by 425,000 people, officials said Tuesday.


BEIJING — A former deputy head of China's legislature lost his appeal Tuesday against a death sentence in a nearly $5 million bribery case, edging him closer to becoming the most senior official executed for corruption since the 1949 communist takeover.


LIMA — Peru's shadowy intelligence chief made a rare public appearance Monday to announce the arrest of what the government said was a group of international arms dealers selling weapons to Colombian guerrillas.


PORT-AU-PRINCE — The former police chief of Haiti's capital and five other officers went on trial Monday in the killings of 11 people — the first time members of Haiti's new force have faced trial. The trial comes amid fears the new police force could turn out to be like the trigger-happy army it replaced in 1995.


TAIPEI — Typhoon Bilis slammed into Taiwan on Tuesday with raging winds of up to 118 mph that knocked out power, stranded residents and killed a construction worker. As the eye of the storm passed over land, forecasters said the typhoon might become even more intense.


BUJUMBURA — President Pierre Buyoya canceled a trip to South Africa and a meeting with mediator Nelson Mandela on Tuesday and instead focused on calming Tutsi opposition to a peace agreement aimed at ending the country's civil war. Tensions in the tiny central African country have increased dramatically in recent weeks as a deadline neared for signing the power-sharing agreement, set by Mandela for Aug. 28.


OTTAWA —Canada said Tuesday it had summoned the Yugoslav ambassador to find out why two Canadians facing attempted terrorism charges in Belgrade had been mistreated during their arrest earlier this month.


MILAN — Italian tax police have seized 335,000 fake Pokmon items, ranging from toys to beach towels, officials said Tuesday. The goods, if sold, would have brought in about $4 million, said Col. Giancarlo Pezzuto.


SRINAGAR — The Kashmiri militant group Hizbul Mujahideen hopes it can resume its cease-fire within two months and expects peace talks with the Indian government to start again, a local news service said Tuesday.


KIEV — Police have arrested the husband of a Ukrainian deputy prime minister on charges of theft of state of property and smuggling Russian gas, a prosecutor said Tuesday. Deputy Prosecutor-General Mykola Obykhod told Reuters criminal proceedings were launched against Olexander Tymoshenko, a board member of private gas trading firm, Ukraine's Unified Energy Systems, and Valery Falkovich, the firm's deputy head.


GENEVA — A U.N. human rights investigator has called on the U.S. government to stay the execution of an inmate due to be put to death in the state of Georgia in two days' time. Param Cumaraswamy, U.N. special rapporteur on the independence of judges and lawyers, appealed on the grounds that Alexander Edmund Williams may have been defended by an "incompetent" state-appointed attorney, a U.N. statement said Tuesday.


HALLE — Three German skinheads went on trial Tuesday in the racist murder of a Mozambican man in the eastern town of Dessau amid mounting concern about far-right violence, particularly in the former communist region.

Two 16-year-olds, Frank Mietbauer and Christian Richter, and 24-year-old Enrico Hiltricht are charged with the murder of 39-year-old Alberto Adriano, who died on June 14, three days after they allegedly beat him unconscious.